Octocorallia Fauna of Taiwan

Chang-Feng Dai(戴昌鳳) 著

This book summarizes the taxonomic and ecological studies of octocorals in Taiwan by the author during the past 35 years. It includes a brief description on the distribution and ecological features of octocorals in Taiwan, along with detailed descriptions of 291 species of shallow-water octocorals belonging to three orders and 21 families. It shows that the species diversity of octocorals in the waters surrounding Taiwan is very high. This book presents the first detailed study of octocorallia fauna in Taiwan, it is also the first of its kind in West Pacific Ocean.

Chang-Feng Dai (戴昌鳳)

Received his PhD from Department of Biology, Yale University, U.S.A. in 1988. He served as associate then full professor at Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University, from August 1988 to July 2021. His research interest is focused on coral reef ecology and the taxonomy of corals including scleractinians and octocorals.
 I. General Introduction
 II. Distribution of Octocorals in Taiwan
 III. Taxonomic System of Octocorals
Species Descriptions
 Helioporidae / 藍珊瑚科
 Tubiporidae / 笙珊瑚科
 Clavularidae / 羽珊瑚科
 Coelogorgiidae / 腔柳珊瑚科
 Xeniidae / 異軟珊瑚科
 Alcyoniidae / 軟珊瑚科
 Parasphaerascleridae / 擬球骨軟珊瑚科
 Nephtheidae / 穗珊瑚科
 Nidaliidae / 巢珊瑚科
 Anthothelidae / 花柳珊瑚科
 Briaridae / 皮珊瑚科
 Melithaeidae / 扇柳珊瑚科
 Subergorgiidae / 軟柳珊瑚科
 Acanthogorgiidae / 刺柳珊瑚科
 Gorgoniidae / 柳珊瑚科
 Plexauridae / 網柳珊瑚科
 Ellisellidae / 鞭珊瑚科
 Isididae / 竹珊瑚科
 Kophobelemnidae / 棍海鰓科
 Pennatulidae / 海鰓科
 Virgulariidae / 箸海鰓科
Index of species names